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I am an entrepreneur and a qualified attorney, serving as the Founder and Director of Thekvest Legal Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd. My extensive expertise in the industry, combined with my unwavering commitment to hard work, led me to achieve recognition as an alumnus of Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women program. This recognition was earned through my active participation in the 2019 mentoring program, a distinguished collaboration between Vital Voices and the U.S. State Department.
Our range of services spans across various areas of general company and corporate law advisory, with a focus on tailoring our support to the unique needs of our clients. Whether working with small and medium-sized enterprises, family-owned businesses, or high-growth ventures, we dedicate ourselves to fostering excellence.
In addition to my role as a Company Secretary, I am deeply passionate about guiding clients in their corporate governance practices, placing a strong emphasis on ethical business conduct. This commitment extends to my involvement as a non-executive director and an independent trustee for several impactful organizations, where my skills and network contribute to meaningful progress. I currently lead a sub-committee for a social and ethics board.
Having gained experience as a sought-after guest speaker, I seize every opportunity to share authentic stories and insights that can inspire positive change within organizations and the lives of their employees. This drive has culminated in the launch of the Unleashed Leadership Development Forum.

A Pioneer's Devotional

“A Pioneer's Devotional" is a transformative journey crafted by author Lerato, intended for those trailblazing in various spheres of life. With profound insights and personal experiences, Lerato invites readers to explore the essence of pioneering with a strong focus on one's relationship with God. The devotional encourages practical prioritization of God amidst the challenges of life, emphasizing the significance of regular communion and intimacy with the Divine. Lerato's passionate and heartfelt reflections inspire readers to embrace their unique calling, pursue holistic success, and build a life deeply rooted in faith, love, and purpose.


Lerato is an absolute genius!

"As a speaker, Lerato consistently showcases exceptional expertise and shares relatable case studies that add valuable insights, sparking engaging and dynamic discussions among both the panelists and the audience. Her contributions significantly enhance the quality of our events, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees."

Femi Oke
International Journalist

"A speaker for all seasons and contexts, from global leadership lessons to transformative personal encouragement. Lerato exudes authenticity and makes every word count and carry purposeful impact. "

Mrs Nevelia Moloi

"Lerato is committed to upholding excellence, integrity and authenticity in all that she does. Whether presenting in person, virtually, or on camera, Lerato consistently exhibits a remarkable ability to captivate and engage her audience through her warm speaking style. She also possesses an exceptional talent for speaking from personal experience to break down complex and weighty subjects, making them easily understandable and applicable. "

Emily Wilkes
Ziwani - Engagement and Ecosystem Manager

"As a speaker at one of our Leadership Investment Sessions, Lerato skilfully showed us how business ethics starts with personal ethics. She captured the hearts of the audience and in doing so, mind transformation took place! Lerato is a humble, confident and well equipped woman who has a heart and Passion to Establish God's Kingdom in earth! I am proud to know her and to learn from her! "

Christa de Wet
AFGRI Group Holdings


Randburg, Johannesburg SA

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